Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Show Me Your Teeth!

So Lady Gaga's Birthday Party!!
It was wild. Caity threw a party on Saturday night to celebrate the amazing Gaga's birthday.

Making these napkins me and Caity probably swallowed 4 pounds of lipstick each because we applied and kissed two napkins and reapplied for 80 napkins!! hahaha and then we wrote on some song lyrics! (I have never be low brow on my mirror!!)

So this is the coffee table, we have got masks and crowns (like from the bad romance video) and then some money napkins and our wikkid lipstick ones and then some (not dirty) ice cream candies and some cherry (cherry boom boom) candy! well thought out? I KNOW!!

We pinned the hair bow on the birthday girl, and I must admit drinking and then spinning in heels while blindfolded is not the greatest idea...

This is me and Caity! I have got some tights and some sequined panties from Topshop via eBay (although now they ship to Canada and i MUST take advantage of that a.s.a.p) a tank that says Show me your teeth (I wrote it on there even though I know it looks super well made), a jacket from Sirens, fangs YES FANGS! from this wikkid party store and last but not least the bracelet from Reflections Halifax's gay bar which we went to the night before!

I tried to have awesome hair by having a hair bow but Caity's pop cans kick my butt times seven!

On the Gaga note she has recorded her first single for her new album!! and please don't feel this is the last time you will be seeing me in sequin panties or gaga getup.



  1. Looks like such a fun party! :)


  2. love the lady gaga looks!! so fun!

    xoxo jenna

    ps: check out my blog sometimes! doing a giveaway!!!

  3. your costume loos sooo good!! you're a really good gaga :)

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