Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Casual Monday

Couldn't wait until Friday and why should we?
Me and Caity went to Mac and my friend Brittany did my eye make-up like Gaga's in the ad!! Love it! I wish I could do that on my own
These are very lux sunnies purchased from the Dollar store! They are for the Gaga party, Stay tuned.
Alright I am going to confess my love for Lena from Quality Rivets, who rocks out stuff from Ardene all the time, and this $25 sweater is awesome! I am definitely going to load up on jewelry from there stat!
Leather jacket/ Le Chateau, Shoes/ Spring, headband/ H&M, and the sunnies are Caity's asymmetrical Chloe's LOVVEEE <3 br="br">That's all for now. ShOw Me YoUr TeEtH! alright you in the mood for Gaga's birthday now? GOOD! xo

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