Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Show Me Your Teeth!

So Lady Gaga's Birthday Party!!
It was wild. Caity threw a party on Saturday night to celebrate the amazing Gaga's birthday.

Making these napkins me and Caity probably swallowed 4 pounds of lipstick each because we applied and kissed two napkins and reapplied for 80 napkins!! hahaha and then we wrote on some song lyrics! (I have never be low brow on my mirror!!)

So this is the coffee table, we have got masks and crowns (like from the bad romance video) and then some money napkins and our wikkid lipstick ones and then some (not dirty) ice cream candies and some cherry (cherry boom boom) candy! well thought out? I KNOW!!

We pinned the hair bow on the birthday girl, and I must admit drinking and then spinning in heels while blindfolded is not the greatest idea...

This is me and Caity! I have got some tights and some sequined panties from Topshop via eBay (although now they ship to Canada and i MUST take advantage of that a.s.a.p) a tank that says Show me your teeth (I wrote it on there even though I know it looks super well made), a jacket from Sirens, fangs YES FANGS! from this wikkid party store and last but not least the bracelet from Reflections Halifax's gay bar which we went to the night before!

I tried to have awesome hair by having a hair bow but Caity's pop cans kick my butt times seven!

On the Gaga note she has recorded her first single for her new album!! and please don't feel this is the last time you will be seeing me in sequin panties or gaga getup.


Monday, March 29, 2010

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Casual Monday

Couldn't wait until Friday and why should we?
Me and Caity went to Mac and my friend Brittany did my eye make-up like Gaga's in the ad!! Love it! I wish I could do that on my own
These are very lux sunnies purchased from the Dollar store! They are for the Gaga party, Stay tuned.
Alright I am going to confess my love for Lena from Quality Rivets, who rocks out stuff from Ardene all the time, and this $25 sweater is awesome! I am definitely going to load up on jewelry from there stat!
Leather jacket/ Le Chateau, Shoes/ Spring, headband/ H&M, and the sunnies are Caity's asymmetrical Chloe's LOVVEEE <3 br="br">That's all for now. ShOw Me YoUr TeEtH! alright you in the mood for Gaga's birthday now? GOOD! xo

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Scarf x 4

Hello! I wont lie this photo was taken just to show off my scarf which I made myself because I couldn't find one big enough!! Also had to show off Caity's Hot Hot Hot MK purse!! SOOO JEL! Cowboy boots-> vintage 5 bucks!

alright so making some goals to meet by the end of the month
1) get money on track
2) once moneys fixed finally buy some new clothes!
3) finally find someone who can fix my chloe purse
4) buy another large tote
5) buy lots of cheep wicked clutches
6) more posts
7) more ballsy outfits!!


Sunday, March 14, 2010

Sushi Sunday again!

So its Sunday again, which can only mean one thing, Sushi!! It was a little colder than I predicted and regretted getting ahead of myself and not wearing a coat!!

I am wearing a scarf and sweater/cape thing from Le Chateau and my boots from KAS, my Marc Jacob's bag (although I do feel the compelling need to buy a new purse soon!) and last but not least my Dior sunnies.

Hope you had a great sunday! xo

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Well hello! It's a saturday night and I am sick:( and so upset I want to be drunk and downtown dancing right now:( since I am not I thought I would post this photo my Bff Caity took last night!

I am wearing a lacy headband I bought at H&M and raspberry lipstick (which I love) instant boost to a snoozy outfit!

My nails are actually lace stuck on with just clear nail polish!! this idea was from Behind the Seams
super awesome thanks so much for such a cool idea I will be using it again for my LADY GAGA BIRTHDAY PARTY!!! stay tuned for that kids!!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Bonjour Montreal

This was the outfit I choose to wear to a school in Montreal I was checking out but of course it had to rain and I do not own a cute rain jacket yet blah but I now plan on buying one and a clear umbrella STAT! Btw the school was wikkid and I think I will be moving to Montreal in July!

I am wearing a stripped shirt from Jacob, over the knee boots I bought from KAS (my fav halifax shoe store!!) and an Alexander McQueen scarf :( so sad he is gone.